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History, briefly!

Since 1977, in the quiet Cape Cod fishing village of Wellfleet a revolutionary movement in “fast food” has been steadily gaining momentum.

Now, with eight “Cape” stores and two off Cape, it’s time for the rest of the world to experience what Cape Codders have known for years:

the excitement of a BOX LUNCH “Rollwich”.

We represent to the traditional fast food market what the Boston Tea Party was to the Colonists:
Fast, yes – fried, NO!
Quality, yes – expensive, NO!
Creative, yes – trendy, NO!
We’re really a return to basics.

What does this mean to you? I’m glad you asked.

We feature:

  • PITA BREAD, exclusively, to make our Rollwiches, a highly nutritious bread made from flour, water, salt and yeast only. No sugar, oil, BHA, BHT, or BS,…(that’s Baking Soda)!
  • FRESH INGREDIENTS carefully selected, lovingly prepared and combined.
  • VEGETARIAN SELECTIONS to satisfy today’s discriminating buyers.
  • FRESH MEATS trimmed lean and portioned to satisfy without waste.
  • LOW CALORIE/LOW FAT choices that do not sacrifice taste (or size) and …
  • REASONABLE PRICES that please your wallet (most are priced around $7.00, and in today’s economy that’s a deal).

Summer Jobs

Please NOTE: We evaluate applications as we receive them, looking for originality, personality and language ability. We Hire PEOPLE, not CVs. Do your BEST if you want to be noticed. This is your chance at a job, right here, right now! Then check your e-mail every day. There may be a job offer for you :-))))) If you wait too long, the job offer will be sent to someone else. We hire only FOURTEEN people, but 1400 people apply!

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*What would you like to tell me about yourself?

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*What are you studying in school, and how will a job with Box Lunch Help your future?

*How will you get the money for the Council Program ($1,400.00 US)?

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The Founder

My name is Owen MacNutt. I am the founder of BOX LUNCH and Sandwich Specialists, Inc., the Franchiser. My wife Kathryn and I still own and operate the original location in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, where we maintain corporate offices for the Franchises in addition to a very busy year-round BOX LUNCH Location. We have tried over the years to make BOX LUNCH the best place to eat in the area, and we have succeeded beyond all reasonable expectations. In my previous life, I enjoyed eight years of teaching experiences at the elementary and secondary level, working in government (Navajo Indian), public and private schools from Northern Arizona to Massachusetts. Kathy has always been in the food business, beginning with her childhood as one of six children.
I started the first BOX LUNCH Restaurant in the spring of 1977, as a seasonal business during the traditional school summer break. Little did I know what awaited me. Our beginnings were humble, with growing community support as people “discovered” us. We became increasingly successful as customers became “fans” who then became promoters.

When the business proved successful in its first year, I gave the BOX LUNCH my undivided attention. We have devoted our full time and attention to the business ever since, together overseeing the Wellfleet location until Kathy completely took over “that end of the building.” I now manage the franchising, assist in the opening of new locations and market test new “Rollwiches”.

Kathy and I wish for you the same pleasure we have derived from nurturing an idea into a successful venture. It is hard work; it is all-consuming at times. Usually fun, it is always an adventure.

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